Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Growing up I was a child who loved to sleep and I slept hard. Maybe I should correct that statement a bit, I loved to sleep when I wanted to but not when my parents wanted me to. I have always been a night-owl and still have that tendency. I am trying to go to bed earlier these days but usually find myself going to bed closer to midnight.

And that would be fine except I have children that wake up early. Lately, my little one has been waking up just after 5. Oh boy!

This is the same little one who will occasionally fight to go to sleep. Last night was the first time he went to bed unswaddled, wide awake and in his own bed. Generally he falls asleep while nursing and sleeps in our room until we go to bed and move him to his room.

But today we are off to a completely different start. He slept in. And now......

He fell asleep playing with toys. I don't dare move him at this point and let's all hope that Si will leave him alone for a few moments longer.

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