Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thankful for....days 9-13

I gave myself a few days off from blogging. Not entirely intentionally. Life sometimes happens and the days get away from you. I'm still working on being intentional with my time, I think I will always have to work on it. As much as I like to accomplish things and get them off my list, sometime I would much rather relax or put it off until later.

Things I'm thankful for....

Day 9 - Stay and Play at preschool. It is so wonderful to get a little extra time to get things done with only one child at home.

Day 10 - The gym. I took a small(3 week) break from the gym. Ok, 3 weeks isn't a small break, not when you are used to going every day. But it felt great to get back. And I absolutely that we get free childcare there!

Day 11 - Its Friday. And I wasn't home at night, which means I got a break from our bedtime routine. So, I am thankful for my husband and his taking over for a night.

Day 12 - Friends. The kids and I went to a friends house with another set of friends. It is always great to get together with these great girlfriends and so much more wonderful when our kids play nicely together.

Day 13 - Bethlehem Baptist. Our kids are being taught the Bible. Jason Meyer is a wonderful preaching pastor that Casey and I throughly enjoy listening.

I'm sure there are thousands of other things that I am thankful for over the last few days. As the song says, 10,000 reasons for my heart to sing.

I will never fully know all of the good things in my life but I am looking for them each day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thankful 8

Today was a crazy day. I had to go to the Mall of America to pick up a few items. We ventured out and ran a few errands on the way there. They were surprisingly patient on the way there but they were very excited.

We did a little shopping and bought the kids a few toys. We met up with friends for a couple of minutes. We went on rides. And we bought cookies to enjoy on the way home. It was a little crazy with all three of them on my own. They generally stay close but sometimes forget to pay attention and start to wander. Rollie is the worst, he doesn't want to be held while we are out. He always wants to run around like his brothers. Which usually is great until you need him to stay next to you.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have fun with my kids. To enjoy their being little even when it is stressful for me. I love when I am able to indulge them, with in reason since I don't do it often. I love to hear their joy.

Thankful 7

What was I thankful for yesterday???

Naptime! Somedays it is the most wonderful time of day. They don't all nap. In fact, only Roland naps. But the other boys get quiet time. Now, if your are a mom of boys and can actually get your kids to have quiet time, please tell me how you do it!

Our boys version of quiet time is usually watching a movie or a show or playing the wii. I know, I know, they should be out doing stuff. Umm, I would have completely agreed with you.......before I had them. It is my small reprieve during the day if I can actually get them to sit still and watch something. They only usually last for a few minutes at most.

Yesterday Rollie napped, the boys watched a movie, and I was able to nap for a few minutes.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I used to be really good about reading to the boys. Especially when it was just Corbin. We would sit in our rocking chair and read stories for hours. Then came a second child and reading became a bedtime thing. Then the third came. I kind of gave up. It was getting to hard to get them to sit still to read. They are boys, they move non-stop. To all my friends that have girls, I envy you when I hear about how your girls will sit and play quietly. That is just not our house or our life.

For Christmas this year the boys received, "The Jesus Storybook Bible". We have been making a point of sitting and reading one chapter every night after dinner. The first couple of nights were rough. We had to stop a few times. A child might have received a spank for disobedience. But it is getting better.

Last night was the first night that they didn't want me to stop after our chapter. They wanted me to keep reading. Yay!

If you need a good recommendation of a book to read to your kids, this is it. I would also suggest that it could be a great gift. We are loving it.

Thankful 6

Ok, I'm a little late with yesterdays thankfulness. But not because I wasn't thankful. I just forgot to sit down and write it out.

So, on the 6th day of January, I am thankful for the relationship my husband has with my family. He and my dad went biking today. I love it. Thats all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Room

We had ordered Rollie's new bed ages ago. Our very kind neighbors have been storing it in their garage for us since it came. It was delivered while we were out of town and they were very thoughtful by not leaving it in the rain outside while we were gone. Good neighbors are hard to find but we have been very blessed by ours.

We switched rooms with the boys over the summer. They went from toddler beds to bunk beds and there was no way to get the bunk beds safely in their old room. The ceiling fan would have been over the top bunk. I thought it would be wise to protect Corbin from certain injury had they stayed in that room.

Rollie hasn't attempted to get out of his crib. Which is a major surprise considering he has two older brothers. To be fair, neither of them attempted to get out until after they were two as well. I'm not sure exactly why but I kept feeling like I wanted Rollie to be in a big bed like his brothers. My only reason to not switch him was because I didn't want him getting up at all hours of the night. So, last night we have the change.

All three boys were excited to watch us put the bed together. All evening the boys kept running in and getting into Rollie's bed. He was so sweet. He would climb into his huge bed, slide under the covers, put his head on his pillow, and pretend to snore. Then he would giggle.

Lets see how long the novelty lasts.

Thankful 5

I should really write these at night but I'm kind of lazy by the time the kids are actually asleep. What I mean is, after running around all day after the kids and not really resting, who wants to do more work. Yes, my laundry pile has been neglected all week. Yes, I went to bed with dishes in the sink. And yes, I decided to watch a Hallmark movie instead of doing all the things that should have been done. Thankfully, its another day and all those things are still there. Maybe I'll be a little more intentional with my time today.

Today, I am thankful for Si's expressive nature. He tells me the best stories. He thinks out his words while he is saying them. He is so serious sometimes. Here is just a small sampling of what was said today.

"If you don't give it to me right now, then...then... you don't give it to me!" (He wanted an orange but I was washing my hands)

"But I not tired!!!"

"When I am bigger, I am never going to bed. I'm going to stay up all night long or atleast until you guys go to bed."

"I still not tired!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thankful 4

We had yet another pajama day yesterday. The night was rough, lots of waking children. We laid low even though there was a lot that I wanted to accomplish.

Things that I am thankful for on the fourth day of January: netflix to distract little ones, legos to keep busy, the sunshine and snow. And most thankful for a husband that suggested I leave after dinner to run to Target by myself. A quick escape can be so refreshing.

And now, I'm off to wrangle the masses, or just three little boys.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful 3

Well, the day started off quite wonderfully. The boys slept in until 7:05 am. Yes, that is sleeping in at our house. There was a long time where we were waking up at 5:30 every day. Now that is early, especially with boys as they are non-stop from the time they wake up to the time they fall asleep. Not to mention that they rarely stayed in bed through the night. Recently it has been getting better. Praise God!

Back to our day, we had a leisurely breakfast of peppermint stick Luna Bars. A household favorite. A little bit of MarbleWorks and getting dressed. Very little bickering or disagreement at this point. We then went to the bank, Costco, and stopped by daddy's work while we were out. He's doing a full remodel on a house and we wanted to see the before product. The boys loved it and helped pull wallpaper off the walls. I'm pretty sure they would have stayed all day if it would have been possible. We then went home for lunch and just as I was about to put Rollie down for his nap, I got a phone call. Grandma Mini wanted to know if we wanted to go to the Mall of America. Since the boys had been well-behaved I thought we could do go. Rollie might nap in the car, or not as the case may be.

We had a great time, went on rides and shopped at Legoland. The boys had great attitudes. Rollie by far loved the rides the most. He squealed with joy, threw his hands in the air with enthusiasm, and laughed with no limits. That face was worth it all. And that is what I am most thankful for.

Today, I am most thankful for the joy and laughter of my sweet Rollie. And I am so glad that I was able to capture some of his joy on video so that we can watch it over and over.

The rest of the day went a little down hill with a complete meltdown by all at the end of dinner and continued that was until they were all asleep. Today was mostly good. Tomorrow is a new day. Another day for me to try again to show love when I don't feel like it, compassion when I am cranky, and patients when I am impatient. Let me learn to love life like my baby, where the littlest things in life bring the greatest joy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thankful 2

As my day winds down and the house is quiet, I think about what I am thankful for. Lots of things really; three little boys, crazy chaos, lego pieces, matchbox cars, digger, snow clothes. These are all things that come to mind quickly. But what I am most thankful for at this moment, is the quiet. My boys are all sleeping. It is rare in this house that there is any quiet. Even when we are reading books they are bouncing off the walls, quite literally.

So now I sit in the dark living room in complete and utter silence thankful for all that went on today, even my parenting failures. I look forward to a busy day tomorrow with lots that needs to be accomplished. I will pray that God will give me the strength and the patience to handle what comes at me tomorrow. To work in my heart so that I speak with love instead of frustration and exasperation.

This life is only here for a moment. Let me learn to cherish it.

The Start of A New Year

As a mom, each day feels the same. Day in and day out I deal with the same things. The squabbles between the boys are the same. The "potty" talk is the same. The talking back is the same.

Well, a new year is upon us and I want things to not be the same. We are going to be trying some new things around our house. Things with organization, discipline, self-control and most importantly, teaching Christ.

It is easy to focus on needing to put out the small fires that erupt around the house without dealing with the reason they are there. Most days I feel like a referee, constantly intervening. This year is going to be about the HEART. I want my boys to understand that what comes out of there mouths comes directly from their heart. I want to teach them to be loving, forgiving, patient, kind, and thoughtful.

Honestly, these are all areas that I need to work on too.  Especially where they are concerned. Its so easy to be impatient, unkind, hard-hearted, thoughtless. I never want my kids to look back and question whether or not they were loved and cared for.

I also want to have an attitude of thankfulness. It is so easy to become dissatisfied with what we have, envious of others and generally discontent. We are going to try to think of one thing each day that we are thankful for. Somethings will be big while others will seem small and almost foolish. But the goal is to look for things to be grateful for.

Yesterday I was grateful for an easy trip home. Only one child slept on the three hour drive but no one cried or screamed. It was almost peaceful. It was rather uneventful. But I am grateful nonetheless.

Stick around and follow how our year of change goes. We can use all the encouragement and prayer we can get. Let us know how it is going for you as well.

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