Monday, January 7, 2013


I used to be really good about reading to the boys. Especially when it was just Corbin. We would sit in our rocking chair and read stories for hours. Then came a second child and reading became a bedtime thing. Then the third came. I kind of gave up. It was getting to hard to get them to sit still to read. They are boys, they move non-stop. To all my friends that have girls, I envy you when I hear about how your girls will sit and play quietly. That is just not our house or our life.

For Christmas this year the boys received, "The Jesus Storybook Bible". We have been making a point of sitting and reading one chapter every night after dinner. The first couple of nights were rough. We had to stop a few times. A child might have received a spank for disobedience. But it is getting better.

Last night was the first night that they didn't want me to stop after our chapter. They wanted me to keep reading. Yay!

If you need a good recommendation of a book to read to your kids, this is it. I would also suggest that it could be a great gift. We are loving it.

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