Friday, August 27, 2010

A Lesson in Blessings

What do we consider a blessing?

I think that it is safe to say that we all consider blessings as something good. Do we consider it a blessing when we encounter a trial, a heartache, a consequence, or some other type of suffering? I dare say that we do not.

I am learning that blessings come in all forms, shapes and sizes. We are blessed whether we recognize it or not when we are children of Christ. All things will lead to His glory and thus, our blessing. We are able to find joy in our sorrow. We have a hope that others do not understand. We are blessed.

When my child disobeys, he suffers a consequence for his actions. It could be loss of a privilege, a time-out, or a spanking. He also can be shown grace and mercy. These are the same things that we as children of God experience on a physical and spiritual level. Do we consider the consequence a blessing? Usually no. But we should. We are being taught each moment of our lives, being brought closer to Christ, and learning the the character of God. Those are all blessings. 

When we suffer, be it through trail or heartache or illness, we seek comfort and solice. Once again, a child will seek his parents, a christian will(should) seek Christ. We are brought into the folds of our loving Lord. He will not forsake us. He will not leave us. He draws us near. We often hear the scripture quoted that He will not give us more than we can bare. I think that we need to remember that it is with Christ that we can bare all things. We can endure all things.

These are the things that I have been thinking and reflecting on recently. I could sit here and complain all day about being on bedrest. I won't. If I have, I apologize. I am learning that this time is a blessing. 

Ways we have been blessed:
1. Our child is growing well and healthy and is still in-utero
2. Our boys have been very well cared for
3. Extraordinary amounts of time with family
4. Meals from family and friends
5. Prayers for our family
6. More quiet time with God

I am not saying that this time has been easy. It has been difficult and trying and full of stress. But I am starting to see the blessings in the situation. And I pray that I continue to each day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silas FIRST birthday

If you know me, you know I love birthday parties. I usually throw one for Casey, which he hates. But now that we have kids, I can go hog-wild!

Two days before Silas birthday I was in the hospital. I was given a 40% chance of delivering the baby within 2 weeks. There was a mix of emotions. The greatest at the moment seemed like sadness. I felt like this was going to cheat Silas out of his moment. His first birthday. His golden birthday. I sat in the hospital and cried selfish tears for my baby boy who was no longer a little baby. I wanted to make his birthday special. I didn't want to be in the hospital. I know, he wouldn't have remembered anyway but I would have and as a mom, its very hard. You want to enjoy and celebrate all of their moments in life. The doctor decided that I could go home for the night but needed to come back the next day. We were going to start steroid shots to help the baby's development in case he was born premature.

We were able to go ahead with Silas party!!!










A birthday never to forget

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it really time??

I can't believe that my little boy, my very first born child is already 2. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and took this picture of him......

Time has flown by and he is now not so little. I am realizing that every day. He is learning in leaps and bounds. He keeps us on our toes. He is a climber and is very adventurous. Has very little fear and an insatiable love for life. I think he not only looks like his dad but acts very much like him too.

We have been very blessed that he is a good, no, make that great sleeper. He has been from birth. He was consistently sleeping 8+ hours at night by 4 weeks and has always been a great napper too. Until the last few weeks, he never tried to get out of his crib!! But then it started. It was a constant battle to get him to stay in bed. Once he was asleep, he was good to go but getting there became a challenge.        

He recently spent the weekend with my parents. They took him "camping" for the day and he spent the night at their house. The second day during nap time, my mom was not home to put him down. The men had to figure it out. Anyway, he ended up sleeping in a regular bed! And he stayed there for his 3 hour nap with out getting out or falling out!!

So, it seemed apparent that it was time for the "big boy bed". He was asking for it and seemed ready.

He was so proud of his new bed........

He showed up how he was going to sleep like a big boy...........

And this is how he really slept..........

I love that he is hugging his pillow. Sleeping boys are the most beautiful sight in the world to a mommy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I started to write this a few weeks ago, before bed rest. I thought I should continue and post it. I absolutely love my husband.

I am so thankful for my husband. He is a wonderful man and a great father!

A few weeks ago I was feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Honestly, not a lot of that has changed. However, my husband graciously offered to take the boys up to his parents for the weekend. How sweet. Although I would have loved for him to stay home with the boys and let me go somewhere fun but that is not an option for many reasons. Mainly the situation with the new baby(modified bed rest) but financially as well. Either way, I was thrilled about the idea of having time to myself.

A few weeks have gone by since Casey took the boys out of town. A few days after they got back I ended up on FULL bed rest. I had been thinking that modified bed rest was hard but it is nothing compared to full bed rest. And lets be honest, as a mom you think, "Hmm, bed rest doesn't sound so bad. You are able to lay down and get some much needed sleep and other people will take care of everything for you." It is not at all what it seems.  You are stuck either on the couch or in bed. You have to ask somebody to help with everything, including getting a drink of water. You are no longer able to hold your children. You start to feel like an outsider in your own home.

All that complaining aside, I am more than grateful for the help that I have gotten. We have had family and friends helping out. But more importantly and impressive to me, is that my husband has taken over so much of what goes on. He takes care of me. He makes sure that I am getting enough rest and that my stress level stays low. He loves our boys and makes sure all of their needs are met. He gives them baths (both at the same time!),  although he ends up being as wet as they are by the time it is done. He feeds them nutritious meals, without my lead. He read and plays and wrestles. It is so fun to watch.

I love him. I am learning a lot about him right now. I am thankful that God is giving me a fresh perspective on the man I call my husband.

Faces That I LOVE


This boy makes my day. I love his thoughtful and curious nature.

He makes my heart melt.

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