Sunday, September 25, 2011


There have certainly been a lot of first around here lately. I feel like I should probably write them down lest I forget, which is often the case. Life seems to fly by most days. I usually feel like I am just trying to stay above the waves but am recently feeling like we are riding the waves and starting to enjoy it.

Life is full of adventure and growth.
Every moment is new.
Every breath is a gift.
Every smile should be cherished.
Every "I love you" said often and with a full heart, never taken for granted.
Every kiss should be precious.
Every hug given tightly with enthusiasm.
Every prayer never ceasing spoken in earnest.

Corbin started preschool. He was a little nervous the first morning walking into class but now is so excited to go and hates to leave at the end of the day. He goes three days a week and would probably go every day if we let him. He loves it. Mrs. Plaep and Mrs. Stromberg told me that he loves to explore and try new things. He is adventurous and outgoing. I can't wait to see what they think of Si next year. Boy are they going to have their hands full with the two of them!

Si is learning new words everyday. A month ago he was barely talking. Now it is non-stop. I wonder if Rollie will take after Casey is the talking area, certainly the other two don't. His current favorite phrases are: "I wanna go to Gamma's house", "I don know", "huggie", "I wanna hot-doggie", "thank you, honey". Yes, he calls me honey. I love it.

My sweet Rollie is finally getting his first tooth, well, two actually. He has these two cute little teeth coming in on the bottom. It is so fun to see his new little smile. I makes him seem so much older. He is walking along the furniture and starting to let go. Is it bad that I want to push him down? I just don't want him to be this big already.

Those are the new things for this week. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How about another one.....

Casey called me the other day, during work. This is rare. He doesn't call very often and almost never during work.

Oddly enough, I didn't have my phone on me. If you ask him, it's almost always glued to my hand or in-use, although I am trying much harder not to use it when the kids are awake. Not the point. I asked him later why he called and this was our conversation.

Me: So, why did you call earlier?

C: I just wanted to know what happened to Rollie?

Me: (extremely confused) What do you mean? He's right there on the floor reading a book.

C: I just don't remember him being a baby. Now he's almost a year. What happened?

Me: I know. I'm already forgetting. How about we have another one???

C: (turns and walks away)

As I already know, we can't have anymore biological children. I'm not sad about that. While I loved being pregnant with our boys, my body did not love it.

So, this is hard. Having them grow up is hard. Parenting them is hard. Teaching them to love the Lord is hard. Being a good example is hard. I want our kids to find joy in self-sacrificing love towards others, that is what we as Christians are called to do.

I love my boys. I am thankful for them. I am learning how to love the every day of parenting and being a mom. In concept, it's easy and fun. In reality, it's hard hard work.

I have always longed to adopt. It has been a part of my heart for a very long time. Casey isn't in the same mindset as me. That doesn't make him wrong. It means I need to be on my knees in prayer that Gods will for us will be done. That he will work in the hearts of both of us. That we will be of one mind. If that means that my mind needs to be changed, I'm ok with that. Not that it is easy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Date night

Grabbing the bull by the horns......literally.

Chocolate Ox
Sitting by the lake at The Wharf
Picking out shingles
Mini-golf(which we got a free game at the end because someone(me!) got a hole-in-one on the 18th hole)
Grabbing a bull by the horns
Movie and apple crisp

A wonderful night out with the love of my life. Priceless.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Conversation

The following conversation happened last night in bed.

Corbin: you know what is really good mom?

Me: what's that honey?

Corbin: marshmallows that are warm and gooey from the fire with graham crackers and chocolate.

Me: those are good.

Corbin: I love you Mama.

Me: I love you too, baby.

Corbin: I love daddy too........and the park.

A few minutes later

Corbin: I have an idea mom.

Me: hmmm?

Corbin: How about if I keep my pull-up dry all night I can have a doughnut in the morning?

Me: I thought you got a dollar if you stay in bed all night long.

Corbin: How about if I keep my pull-up dry and stay in bed all night I get 2 doughnuts and 2 dollars??

After another minute or so

Corbin: :::mumbling::::

Me: What honey? I can't hear you?

Corbin: Nothing Mom. I'm just talking to myself.


Tonight, right now, I am thankful for this moment.

I am sitting in a dark room, sound machine and fan on. I am rocking my baby to sleep.

I am thankful for this time. This moment of solitude with him. For the quiet in the house.

I am thankful for a little boy to snuggle. For footie jammies resting on my leg. For a hot little head in the crook of my arm.

I am thankful for my husband giving me this moment. For taking the big boys outside to wrestle and have a camp fire. For the love he shows all of us.

I am thankful for the little fingers that are wrapped around my ring finger. For the wonderful surprise my baby has been.

Rollie, I never knew how much I wanted you until you were here, in my arms. You are part of Gods great plan for my life, even when I didn't know it. I have no idea of what you will be as a little boy, a young man, a husband and father but my prayer is that you will be a strong man of God. With unwavering faith, steadfast love, a kind spirit, and a generous heart. I am blessed to call you mine for this moment, but you will always be His.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Space Helmets

Just a quick story from my day.....

This morning was a bit hectic. We were up early(5:30), like normal. I had to workout this morning or I just wouldn't get it done. I've been exceptionally lazy lately and hadn't worked out for a whole week.

Next, we were out the door. Had to drop paperwork off at the doctors office so Corbin can go to school in two weeks. Went to a meeting, which we had to leave early because the boys were a bit(a lot) unruly. And off to the salon we went. This is where the story begins.

I made a deal with the boys that if they stood still and quiet while I got my eyebrows done they would get a sucker at the end. I don't look at this as bribing per se but more like a reward for good behavior. They were doing a great job and it helped that the salon was mostly empty.

After a few minutes the boys asked if they could go sit in the chairs next to the magazines. I guess they didn't realize that the chairs were part of the blow dryers. I let them go sit since they wouldn't be in the way.

All of a sudden I heard squeals from the other side of the room. And the exclamation "Look mom, space helmets!" I guess they found the dryer.

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