Thursday, September 1, 2011

Space Helmets

Just a quick story from my day.....

This morning was a bit hectic. We were up early(5:30), like normal. I had to workout this morning or I just wouldn't get it done. I've been exceptionally lazy lately and hadn't worked out for a whole week.

Next, we were out the door. Had to drop paperwork off at the doctors office so Corbin can go to school in two weeks. Went to a meeting, which we had to leave early because the boys were a bit(a lot) unruly. And off to the salon we went. This is where the story begins.

I made a deal with the boys that if they stood still and quiet while I got my eyebrows done they would get a sucker at the end. I don't look at this as bribing per se but more like a reward for good behavior. They were doing a great job and it helped that the salon was mostly empty.

After a few minutes the boys asked if they could go sit in the chairs next to the magazines. I guess they didn't realize that the chairs were part of the blow dryers. I let them go sit since they wouldn't be in the way.

All of a sudden I heard squeals from the other side of the room. And the exclamation "Look mom, space helmets!" I guess they found the dryer.

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