Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Room

We had ordered Rollie's new bed ages ago. Our very kind neighbors have been storing it in their garage for us since it came. It was delivered while we were out of town and they were very thoughtful by not leaving it in the rain outside while we were gone. Good neighbors are hard to find but we have been very blessed by ours.

We switched rooms with the boys over the summer. They went from toddler beds to bunk beds and there was no way to get the bunk beds safely in their old room. The ceiling fan would have been over the top bunk. I thought it would be wise to protect Corbin from certain injury had they stayed in that room.

Rollie hasn't attempted to get out of his crib. Which is a major surprise considering he has two older brothers. To be fair, neither of them attempted to get out until after they were two as well. I'm not sure exactly why but I kept feeling like I wanted Rollie to be in a big bed like his brothers. My only reason to not switch him was because I didn't want him getting up at all hours of the night. So, last night we have the change.

All three boys were excited to watch us put the bed together. All evening the boys kept running in and getting into Rollie's bed. He was so sweet. He would climb into his huge bed, slide under the covers, put his head on his pillow, and pretend to snore. Then he would giggle.

Lets see how long the novelty lasts.

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