Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blast From The Past

Today we just needed to get out of the house. Too much indoor time makes for restless boys and disobedient behavior, and perhaps a cranky mom.

We went to Costco. We did need some blackberries and milk so it wasn't a frivolous trip just to stir longings for unneeded "things". Although it often gives me a case of the "I want's".

Corbin saw an amazing jungle gym with slide and started to beg to play on it. Obviously they had thought about this being a desire as it was raised off the ground and out of reach. But we decided to check it out and look at what we passed,

Can I just say that my heart skipped a beat? I loved watching these shows growing up and was just talking to Casey about them the other day.

We didn't buy them, even though I wanted to. Maybe someday I'll share these fun shows with my boys and they'll enjoy them as much as I did.

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