Monday, February 14, 2011

You Can't Win Them All

Sometimes I wondered if the phrase should be "you can't win at all". I have never been one to win drawings, raffles, door prizes or giveaways. But apparently my losing streak has ended. Last week I won two different times!! How crazy is that?

I am super excited about both items that I won.

The first was a fun giveaway on another blog. All you had to do was leave a comment after the giveaway post. I did, and so did over 1000 other people. Want to know what I won? Well, here it is,
I know, I know, most of you are thinking "what's the big deal?". Let me tell you that as a nursing mom this is crucial if you ever want to be able to get away for more than three hours at a time. They are expensive and a new one was not in my budget. And I have desperately need a new one for many reasons, especially since my other children broke my old one by standing on it. Perhaps it should be left out or unattended. This new one most certainly will not be left out. Thank you, Jennifer!

The second giveaway that I won is great for the whole family. Abraham Piper of 22 Words was hosting a giveaway for Eddingtons. If you don't live in Minnesota, you are missing out. They serve the most wonderful soup and breadsticks. And if you are a Minnesotan and haven't been there, why not?? All you had to do was "like" them on facebook as your entry and you could repost on twitter as an additional entry. I did both. I won! We are so excited to go eat at Eddington's. 

So, while you can't win them all, sometimes you can win something. Now lets just hope that I win the Acme Tool giveaway I entered last week too.

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