Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweeter Still

I have these three little boys. They love to snuggle. I love to snuggle them. Unless it's 80+ degrees like it has been the last two days.

Almost every morning I wake up to a little boy crawling into my bed. He sandwiches himself in between Casey and I. He flips and flops and almost never goes back to sleep. He talks and tickles and plays with cars in my hair. He is going a mile a minute from the moment he stumbles out of bed and down then hall. Moments like these can be sweet or tiring, depending on your mood and outlook. I am trying to see them as sweet, especially since they are fleeting moments.

So tonight, as I sit with my little boy watching Fireman Sam. He leans over, places his head on my shoulder, wraps his arms around my arm and says "I love you, honey." To which I reply "I love you too", only to be followed by his immediate response of "I love you too, honey."

All this is followed by a snotty nose being wiped down my arm.

These are the moments that make up a life of a mom. They make you forget or lessen the memory of the hard parts of your day, the screaming and crying and temper tantrum throwing, not to mention what attitudes the kids may have thrown in the mix. And now, we sleep because tomorrow we do it all over again.

Every day brings new joy amongst a sea of challenges. But this life of mine continues to be sweeter still.

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