Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not Quite A Miracle

It has been a long and tiring journey at our house, these sleepless nights. I finally realized that it started when I was on bedrest, and yet the sleepless nights had nothing to do with pregnancy or even a new baby. It was my sweet 2 year old.

 Every night, many many times every night, he would wander down the hallway and climb into our bed and snuggle right between us. And every night, we would bring him back to his bed. Only to be awoken moments later to the sound of his little feet on the way back to our room. Thankfully for me, he would start going to Casey's side of the bed and leave me alone. This wasn't working out so well for Casey though, he was exhausted every day at work. To make matters worse, Corbin would scream and cry if I tried to bring him back to bed.

Finally, after 6 long months, he stayed in bed. The entire night! And to top it off, he had a completely dry diaper this morning! I feel like we are finally making progress on this long road. I am praying that it continues and wasn't just a one night deal. But even so, one night of sleep helps. It gives hope and rest.

So, even though it feels like a miracle(and if you've been there you know what I mean), its not quite a miracle. But I'll take it anyway.

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  1. Lacey,
    You forgot to mention you were the same way as a child.


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