Monday, January 17, 2011

Sausage, Lots of Sausage

Casey decided to take up bow hunting this year, and he actually got a deer(I've heard that with bow hunting you only have a 12% chance of actually getting a deer). Yea! But now, what am I supposed to do with all the meat?

There are lots of things you can do with the meat, but one thing we decided to do was make venison summer sausage. Ok, so I didn't make it but I had it processed. Its been a few years since I've made sausage so I thought I'd leave it to the full-time professionals. And, we love our butcher , they always have the best meats(and hamloaf).

Here is our summer sausage

And for a little perspective

Yep, that's 30 pounds of venison sausage. How in the world am I supposed to get that in my refrigerator or freezer??? Maybe next year we'll remember to ask for it in smaller packaging. By the way, it tastes amazing.

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