Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I am.....

3 months old.

Wow. I can hardly believe that Roland is already 3 months old. I keep forgetting how fast time goes until I really look at my children. Each day seems to take forever to get through(sometimes) but it has gone much to fast. I am already missing the very early newborn stage. I didn't mind the middle of the night feedings so much, until I was completely exhausted during the day with the others. I enjoyed the quiet moments holding my sweet sweet boy. And now, he is three months old. He is more alert, he smiles all the time, and is just starting to laugh. I am loving it. But I miss the new baby stretch, you moms know what I am talking about, they way the pull their legs up and arch their back. That might be my favorite part.  Boy, oh boy, do I love him!

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