Monday, August 1, 2011

It's So Scary....

Ok, so I might be a little protective of my kids. And frankly, it is usually about random things. I try my hardest to let them be the full of energy little boys they are. I let them run and jump, be loud(sometimes), make messes and enjoy life(all of this is true unless I'm in a cranky mood).

However, I tend to be more protective about what they watch. They love to watch Nemo. But they have never seen the opening scene with the eel and the loss of Nemo's mom. I don't know if I think it is because it is scary or sad, perhaps both.

This all changed while we were on the road this past week. The boys were begging to watch Nemo and I was happy to oblige them. As I was about to skip over the opening, my sweet husband told me that I was going to have to let them see the whole movie at some point. So, I let them.

I was watching them in the rearview mirror and this is what I saw....

Peeking our from under his blanket, he whispered to me "it's so sad, Nemo lost his mommy."

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  1. i am with you, I still have not let Eli see the opening scene... he is 7! Too sad and scary!!!!


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